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Hefei Zidr Precision Technology Co., Ltd

No.518 ZiPeng Road, Economic Development Zone Hefei,China

经营理念:诚信  谦和  高效  创新

服务理念:人单合一     为客户创造价值


about us

Hefei Zidr Precision Technology Co., Ltd. is committed to build a platform for "worry free service", and actively provide the last one kilometer full range system solution for the upstream steel mills and downstream customer chains.

Relying on the regional advantages of the global home appliance manufacturing base, Hefei Zidr actively integrates the upstream and downstream resources, and specializes in providing the following products for the customers:

1.Refrigerator doorside PCMVCM.

2.Refrigerator backEmbossed  galvanized.

         Our main customers: Haier   Homa  Konka  Meiling and so on

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